• Wild Oats XI dismisses length issue

    Date: 2019.03.19 | Category: 杭州夜生活 | Tags:

    Wild Oats XI and the Cruising Yacht club of Australia have dismissed speculation the supermaxi and eight-time Sydney to Hobart line honours winner is beyond the legal length for the race.


    The website Crikey ran an article in their `tips and rumours’ section on Thursday with the headline `Scandal brewing before the Sydney to Hobart race.’

    The article noted that following the boat’s extensive rebuild, it had a curved top section at the front of the hull to support the bowsprit.

    It said some waterfront experts had posed the questions about where the hull started and if the bowsprit is permanently joined to the bow, if that made it part of the hull itself.

    It also said if the new extended bow was found to be part of the hull then the yacht would be much longer than 100 feet and it’s entry for the race couldn’t be accepted.

    CYCA commodore John Cameron was satisfied Wild Oats XI complied with race rules.

    “We have a valid IRC certificate which allows Wild Oats to compete in the race, ” commodore Cameron told AAP on Thursday.

    The Wild Oats XI camp was equally adamant their boat complied with the rules.

    “The boat has been measured,” a spokesperson for the Wild Oats XI program told AAP.

    “The required waterline length for the Hobart race limit is 100 feet, the boat is within that limit.”

    The revamped boat performed impressively in her first race back on Tuesday, comfortably taking line honours in the Big Boat Challenge from new 88-foot American boat Rambler 88.

    Her main opposition in the Sydney to Hobart is expected to come from rival supermaxis Comanche, Perpetual LOYAL (LOYAL) and Ragamuffin 100, plus Rambler 88.